Hand Analysis ($150 Value)

This one-on-one 90-minute session is your solution to understanding your soul's purpose, it’s greatest challenge and your gift that you have come here to develop and utilise. This lets you have clarity on why you are on this earth and what you have come to achieve at a soul level and will keep you on track and stop you wasting time with careers, activities and people that don't fulfill you...

Hand Mapping Kit ($49 Value)

This package includes a kit with video training on how to take your hand prints which holds the keys to accurately interrupting your hand’s journey to this point in your life without missing any vital gift markers or talents. This enables you to get an accurate copy of your prints with a clear snapshot of your hand map at this specific moment in your life.

The Soul's Insight Replay ($150 Value)

This downloadable recording (online only) gives you access any time to refer back to your session so that you can refocus on your path and keep on track with your soul's purpose as to why that you are here. This means that you will be able to follow your dreams that you may have ignored or not even been aware off.

PLUS We Also Include These Incredible Bonuses!

BONUS #1: Soul School (Priceless Value)

This is your soul's storybook which helps you to get real with your life's mission and your soul's purpose for actually being here which helps you know what you are doing here so that you stop repeating the same patterns that take you off track. This means that you can finally take responsibility for your own happiness.

BONUS #2: Your Heart Line (Priceless Value)

This you in relationships where your heart is involved and it is the shortcut for you to identify your needs, wants and desires in personal relationships. This means you're able to know your no go zones in a relationship so you can have healthier, more open heart conversations with those that matter to you most.

BONUS #3: Your Thinking Style (Priceless Value)

This how you think, process information and make decisions. By understanding this makes it easy for you to accept and integrate certain characteristics of your personality instead of trying to change who you really are. This makes it so you're able to be more understanding of yourself and others around you. Fully accept and integrate with who you are so that you can stop hiding from your truth and become the magnificent soul that you came here to share with the world .


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